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Crown Reduction

Pruning method whereby the branches of the tree are shortened by a specific distance up to a diameter of 100mm.

Crown Thinning

Reducing the density of the crown by removing the inner branches and/or growth.

Crown Lifting

The removal of lower branches to increase the height clearance of the crown.

Crown Raising

As above, but branches are removed from the lower limbs whilst retaining them.

Crown Cleaning

Removing dead, diseased and dying branches and ivy/other climbing plants.

Hedging and Topiary

Reducing and shaping hedges and shaping/training small trees and shrubs.

Clear Felling

Where room is available, trees may be felled outright from ground level.

Section Felling

The dismantling of trees, using technical rigging and specialised equipment where required.

Stump Removal

Removal by stumpgrinding/winching.

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Crown Thinning

This poor little Birch, had received an unsympathetic crown reduction in the past. This resulted in the overly-thick branching in the crown. A crown reduction restored it to what it should be like.


Crown Reduction

These photos show trees that have been pruned by crown reduction, where the lateral branches are reduced in length by a specified amount. Generally, no more that 25-30% of the crown is removed in any one case.


Beech fell AB

This 200 year old Beech was infected with the decay fungus 'Kretschmaria Deusta', which causes stems to fracture. This has happened to a number of such trees on the Essex Wildlife Trust Reserve this tree stood in. Due to the proximity of...


What a great team. I've used them before and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Steven Gallagher

About Hunter & Sons

Hunter and Sons are a family run business with 19 years of experience. We take great pride in our work, and all staff are fully qualified and insured. We carry out a site specific risk assessment during every site visit and method statements are available on request.


My three boys have been coming out to work with me since they were knee-high to a grass hopper – all three are taller than me now! It’s not just about making a living. We do it because we love it.


With our 19 years of experience we don’t leave anything to chance. Precision and detail are paramount to every job we we undertake no matter the size.


We keep things as simple for our clients as possible. From our meetings with our clients we understand exactly what is required of us and they are are equally aware of the process. No mess and no fuss is paramount.


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